Air Hoist-Bush Button Valve Type

Air Hoist-Bush Button Valve Type

Bush Button Valve Type

Product ID: YSA

1. Sealed gearbox

A sealed planetary gearbox complies with heavy duty cycles; the gears are heat treated and mounted on high strength and low friction bearings to enlarge the life span.


2. Chain and guides

Grade 80 load chain is applied as standard. The chain guide escorts load chain shift rapidly on load sheave without twisting.


3. Precise controller

Pendent control or toggle control offers variable speed control with accurate and precise positioning of loads.


4. Safety brake

Non-asbestos disc brake is applied automatically when the air supply to the hoist is shut off.


5. Upper /lower limit

The hoist switches off automatically while hooks reaching the highest or lowest limits; limits won’t sway while hosting up or down to extend the service life.

6. Integral silencer

The design to exhaust through the gearbox reduces the noise in the air and offers the cooling effect on the gearbox.


7. High strength housing

High strength nodular graphite cast iron housing ensures shocks, bumps and corrosion resistance.


8. Vane motor

The spring assists vane lifting when air supplied ensures maximum torque without delay while starting loading.

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Model Capacity (kg) Motor (kw) Air supply pressure (kg/cm2) Traversing (m/min) Brake type Air inlet
AT-100~320 1000~3200 0.2 6 16 Disk type brake 5/16”
AT-630 6300 0.2 6 8 Disk type brake 5/16”
Model Capacity (kg) Dimensions (mm)
YSA-025 +PT-050 250 608 194 89 35 - 50~150
YSA-050 +PT-050 500 608 194 89 35 - 50~150
YSA-100 +AT100 1000 645.5 294 116 95 208 75~125
YSA-200 +AT200 2000 785.5 322 135 100 209.5 100~150
YSA-320 +AT320 3200 945 356 144 117.5 217 125~175
YSA-630 +AT630 6300 1168 386 183 132.5 219 125~175
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